Whitening Cosmetics Cream

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1.Hyaluronic acid can improve the skin’snutrient metablism ,make the skin soft,smooth ,

   wrinkle,increase elasticity ,slow aging speed

2.Highly moisturizing, repair and nourish skin, give skin luster and elasticity

3.Smooth wrinkles, dilute and restore skin scars,remove fine lines,anti aging

4.Very small separation of water molecules, easy to penetrate the skin, quickly supplement the skin nutrients

5.Contains many plants essence,which can reduce freckle,black dots ,whitening skin,brighten skin tone


[How to use]


1.Take an appropriate amount of Lotion or Toner at your finger or palm

2.Apply gentle pressure to the face,

3.Use cleanser at morning or evening

Tips: You can use Toner and lotion both at day and night,Cleaner first then use toner .twice a day .