Remove Dark Circles around Eyes

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[ PRODUCT EFFICACY ]:The product can be made of soluble plant polysaccharides fibre. The texture is soft, smooth, comfortable, natural andskin-friendly and can be absorbed and naturally degraded. Moreover, it has been added sodium hyaluronate and multiple amino acids, which can nourisheye skin, make eye skin elastic and tight and bloom youthful radiance. [SKIN TYPES]:Any type of skin, especially aperson with fine wrinkles in the skin [ SPECIFICATIONS ]:0.05fl.oz* 60patches [ SHELF LIFE ]:3years
Functions: Removing fine lines,Keeping the skin around eyes delicate and shiny
Advantage: Long-lasting hydrating ,Hydrating,Improve skin dryness
Effect: Sufficient moisturizing,Effective nourishing ,Relive dryness
Suitable Age: Unlimited
Suitable for: Eye fatigue ,Eye bags,Dark circles,Eye fine lines
Item Type: Eye Mask
Use for Eye(face): For Eye Mask,Hyaluronic acid Eye Mask
Quality Inspection: Qualified
Expiration Date: 3 years