Private Parts Whitening Cream

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100% new high quality.

Role: private parts / armpits \ elbows \ knee body whitening / lightening body melanin

How to use: Take a proper amount of this product at your fingertips and gently massage evenly to the area that needs improvement. Each part can be fully absorbed for 4-6 minutes. This cream can be used under the armpit/private area/under the armpits/elbows. Use all parts of your knee twice a day. It is recommended to be in the morning and evening, which is better.

Net content: 50 (g / ml)

Applicable people: adults

Suitable for all skin types

Efficacy: whitening, nourishing and nourishing


Armpits/Elbows/Knee Body Lightening/Brighten skin colour

When using an armpit whitening cream, it is recommended that the skin tissue is not damaged and that it does not cause discomfort.

Package Included:

1*Whitening Cream