Painless Effective Hair Removal Cream

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How to use?

1.Apply the depilating cream to the skin along the body hair, the thickness is better to cover the hair body, do not rub with the scraping board; 2.Let depilatory cream remain in skin 5-10 minutes, wait forbody hair to appear crimp and soft condition, can use scraper to test a small skin gently, if body hair breaks away easily, usable scraper is adverse blow goes remaining depilatory cream; 3.If the body hair does not fall off, you can stay for a few more minutes, the total time should not exceed 15 minutes; 4.Rinse the hair removal area with water immediately and apply other maintenance products after drying.


1. Can be used in armpits, legs, arms and other parts. 2. Do not use it on damaged skin such as rashes or sunburn. If there are adverse reactions, please stop using it. 3. Please try it on a small piece of skin before use. If there is no discomfort, it can be used normally. 4. This product contains calcium thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide. Please avoid contact with eyes, which may cause blindness and prevent children from grabbing.