Handmade Whitening Soap

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Cleaning factors at essential oil grade,penetrating layer by layer deep into skin,cleansing from inside out,
natual and mild,zero burden to the skin
0.01mm ultrafine bamboo charcoal powder,adsorbing and eliminating blackheads,whiteheads,
and removing excessive oil,to keep wonderful balance of moisture and oil in skin
Honey is good at moisturizing and reducing dull skin,easily to be absorbed,which helps to
increase the smoothness of skin and enhance overall radiance


Put the handmade soap into the foaming net bag and sink into water gently till lots of delicate bubbles come out
Spatter water onto face,apply the foaming bubble as well,and then massage by circle for 30 seconds
Cleanse by flusing the foam with plenty of water,and the face turns clean and fresh right away
Apply toner and other skin care products