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* Whitening cream is a safe bleaching cream for private areas, inner thighs, elbow, knee, intimate areas. * Use this cream to lighten the colour of your skin, dilute melanin to make skin white and tender. * The skin care ingredients contained in the product moisturize the skin, improve dry skin, and make the skin moist and comfortable. * It can promote cell regeneration, balance sebum secretion. * It contains no bleach or harmful ingredients, suitable for all skin types. * Delicate texture, easily absorbed by skin. * For best results ,use twice daily. * Natural skin whitening cream will not cause environmental pollution or threaten rivers, lakes and marine life! Specifications: Skin Type:All skin types Gender:Unisex Country/Region of Manufacture:China NET WT:60ml Shelf life:3 years Size Type:Full size Package included: 1 x Intimate Bleaching Cream How to use: Extrude the appropriate amount of product and apply it to the area where it needs to be improved, massage gently and evenly for 4-6 minutes. Use it twice a day. It is recommended that it be done once in the morning and in the evening so that it works better. Tip: When using intimate whitening cream, you should not apply to damaged skin and avoid discomfort.