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The PUSH-UP neck / shoulder / chest massage essence can effectively improve the skin's elasticity, firm skin, apply to the neck, shoulders and chest, which can effectively prevent the loss of the skin caused by years of relaxation and sagging, often used to restore skin elasticity and tender neck shoulder chest, skin is no longer loose. This product contains ginkgo, caffeine and seaweed extract. Can be effective in preventing skin aging, restore skin elasticity. Patented formula IDEALIFT effective against skin relaxation, improve the skin's resistance against the Earth's gravity. Put on the chest like a natural BRA, no sagging breasts.

BALEA not adding any artificial colors and flavors, no preservatives.


1, Caffeine, lemon and bamboo extract, ginkgo, seaweed extract to resist sagging skin of the chest and neck shoulders, chest enhanced anti-gravity, the skin firmer, slow age-related loss of elasticity, tested 75% of the personnel involved in detecting breast significantly enhance the stand, more flexible, neck and shoulder pattern obviously remove lubricating whitening. 

2, more easily absorbed gel formulation of the skin.

3, pure natural plant ingredients, no animal fats added security does not irritate the skin.

4, effective


100ml, there is no no plastic carton sealing


contains ginkgo, caffeine and seaweed extract, without pigment, PH neutral products.